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Agency for Persons with Disabilities (APD) & Other Government Agencies (DD) & Social Service Programs (Means Tested)

Q. What is Florida’s lead agency for programs for persons with developmental disabilities (DD)?

A. The Agency for Persons with Disabilities - http://www.apd.myflorida.com
This is the starting point of entry for families looking for services for persons with developmental disabilities. Each county/district has a local office.

Q. What is Medicaid?

A. Medicaid is a federal-state health insurance program for indigent persons. If a person is eligible for SSI monies, even only $ 1.00, Medicaid health insurance will follow.

The Medicaid program for persons with developmental disabilities is divided into 2 primary categories: the institutional program (ICF/DD =  Intermediate Care Facilities for the Developmental Disabled) and the community program (Medicaid waivers - called 4 Tiers) For further information, go to: http://www.fdhc.state.fl.us/medicaid/

Q. What is iBudget Florida? 

•  iBudget Florida is a way for APD to better manage the waiver system, while giving you more
choice and control over your services.

•  In iBudget Florida, you will get a budget, or a set amount of funds, for waiver services.

•  You will move from your current tier waiver to the iBudget Florida waiver.

•  You will get to make more decisions about how to spend your budget for services as long as your
health and safety needs are covered. However, you will need to make your budget last until the end
of the service plan year.

•  You don’t have to do it all yourself! Your waiver support coordinator will still be helping you.

For more information please visit: http://www.apd.myflorida.com/ibudget

Q. Does the DD Medicaid waiver transfer to Florida from another state?

A. No, one must re-apply upon moving to Florida. For the waivers, the waiting list is years long. If you are deemed “in crisis,” you are pushed to the top of the waiting list, while everyone else is moved further down. The three most critical criteria to prove “crisis” are: (1) homeless; (2) no caregiver; or (3) a danger to oneself or others.

Q What is the “disabled adult child” (DAC) benefit? 
A. This is a Social Security Administration(SSA) cash benefit available to adults who were disabled prior to age 22, and whose parent is now deceased, retired, or on SSA disability. Medicare health insurance may follow. If the person was previously on SSI & Medicaid, the SSI is frequently lost, but the DAC benefit is typically larger. The Medicaid, however, is not lost.
For more information, go to: http://www.ssa.gov/dibplan/dacpage.shtml

Q. What is the “consumer directed care” (CDC+) program?       .
A. Consumer Directed Care Plus (CDC+) is a Medicaid program in Florida that gives the consumer the opportunity to hire workers and vendors to help with daily needs such as housecleaning, cooking and getting dressed. Your paid workers may even be family members or friends.
Go to: http://www.apd.myflorida.com/cdcplus/ ;