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Become a Member – It’s Life Changing!

Florida’s Voice on Developmental Disabilities (FVDD) is a statewide independent advocacy and networking non-profit organization comprised of families and friends of persons with developmental disabilities. Our organization advocates a full array of services in the most cost effective manner possible - community programs, family home care, group homes, and larger centers (over six beds) for only the most severely developmentally disabled.

Membership – What It Means

With every membership, FVDD becomes a stronger voice and advocate for families and friends of persons with developmental disabilities. Membership in FVDD means two things:

You have up-to-date and immediate access to knowledge, information, and resources on legislation, current regulations, medical resources, and Medicaid requirements and changes.
You have the opportunity to join a network of families and professionals working statewide with ties to many organizations, doctors, agencies, etc., including Florida’s Voice on Developmental Disabilities’ special program called “Can You Help This Family?" This program optimizes our networking capabilities by helping families wherever they reside.

By joining our network of families, agencies, and professionals, you can help make us as an organization, become stronger while providing resources and support to families in need through our:

  • Annual Conference
  • Newsletters
  • E-mail communications with updates regarding various activities and events for all developmental disabilities (autism, cerebral palsy, intellectual disability, Prader-Willi Syndrome, and Spina bifida)
  • Sharing of information among members regarding legal issues and services

There are two convenient ways to become a member. You can either click on the Subscribe button below to complete an application and pay online or you can print out our Membership Form (PDF) and mail it in with your payment. To make an additional donation, please use our donation form. 

Become a voice of many and remember: “No one can do everything, but everyone can do something.”

A single mom with child with developmental disabilities child was struggling in Central Florida. She needed to find services for her daughter, plus she was on a waiting list for Medicaid. She found FVDD on the Web and decided to call for help. This simple phone call led to an e-mail to all FVDD members and that, in turn, led to an outpouring of advice, services, and direction for this young mother.