Florida's Voice

According to Nova Southeastern University there are over 4.5 million developmentally disabled individuals in the U.S. and over 265,000 developmentally disabled individuals in Florida. The statistics seem staggering, but one must look beyond the disability to see a person who deserves the opportunities available to all.

Florida’s Voice on Developmental Disabilities is an all volunteer organization receiving no governmental funding so that we may remain an independent voice for families. We work hard to:

  • Advocate for the rights of the disabled as friends of the court helping fight legal issues
  • Support friends and families through our own program “Can You Help This Family”
  • Sponsor statewide educational conferences
  • Empower families by educating them on their rights
  • Participate with families, guardians, and competent self-advocates in decisions affecting care and support services
  • Promote frequent, independent, unannounced monitoring of all state-licensed programs and residential facilities
  • Promote federal and state standards of quality assurance that are measurable in terms of consumer satisfaction, freedom from harm, training, programmatic continuity and quality of life
  • Advocate aggressively for sufficient public funding of facilities, programs, and services
  • Continue to educate federal/state/local officials and the general public as to the diversity of population of persons with developmental disabilities
  • And more…

As an all-volunteer organization we depend on donations to continue to provide the most up to date information and to be able to provide access to a large network of families, friends, agencies, and professionals that strive to make a difference in the lives of persons with developmental disabilities.

Please consider donating to FVDD or become a member!

We appreciate your support! Thank you.